Meet Titus, a Pitbull so rare that he’s the only one of his breed in the world

There’s no doubt that some animals are extremely unique – and sometimes, even one of a kind. Take a look at the beautiful Titus for example, a pit bull that certainly has some distinctive looks. At first sight, you’d believe that he was actually a cheetah, but he’s actually a dog, unlike any other pup you’ve ever seen. His name is Titus. And no, he is NOT a Cheetah! Believe it or not, this is a pit bull! But it’s a special breed of pit called the “Albanian Pit Bull”, and he is unique!

In reality, Titus is a pitbull, a rare, one-of-a-kind Albanian pitbull and there’s no other animal like him of his breed. Is your mind blown yet? This dog’s breed is so rare that there is only one living proof of the fact that the breed even exists, and that’s Titus himself. A lot of people know this famous pitbull as “the dog with cheetah spots” because that’s exactly what meets the eye when people first understand that Titus is a canine.
Until this picture went viral all over the internet, Titus started receiving attention earlier this year as his image was shared by thousands. No one knew what it was and of course many thought it wasn’t even real. There is definitely plenty of reason for doubt, as the man only posted a single picture online.

How could a pitbull have these very distinct cheetah markings?
Well, how those markings got there is another story. Many believe digital manipulation was responsible. But others attribute his cheetah markings to physically applying the spots using temporary, non-toxic ink. The photo depicting him sitting on what appears to be a groomer’s table with questionable colored bottles in the background leads many to believe that indeed, this was ink applied. Who knows, perhaps Titus is an ultra-rare mutated dog that somehow ended up with these unique cheetah markings! After all, there is also the rare “Sahara dachshund”, who allegedly roams the wild among all the other wild animals!

Even though the evidence points in the opposite direction, the man that posted the photograph online claims that Titus’ appearance is 100% real on the dog enthusiast website. He explains that he made a mistake with the breed name, and didn’t post any other pictures because Titus is his girlfriend’s dog and he didn’t get her permission.
We are verifying information about this story and will bring it to you in the next articles.
Some more pictures we found of this breed:



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