Osito’s owner died thinking that they would take care of him, they abandoned him despite being sick

Osito is a very loving dog who, when his owner died, none of his relatives wanted to take responsibility, leaving him adrift


Osito is a very nice, sociable and well-behaved dog , but behind that sticking out tongue there is a really sad story . His first owner loved him very much, cared for him and fed him, but when he died he was orphaned and waiting for the relatives of his deceased owner to take care of him, but they only neglected him, leaving him outside the house for hours and without feeding him properly, according to the Friends Foundation . Animalists AC  that after that Osito got sick, because a big ball sprouted from his body which bothered him, but thanks to the operation he is now ready to erase his past and be adopted.

A dog also suffers when its owners die because they wait every day to see it and hug it. Little Bear, a very cute puppy, quickly understood that she would not come back and that she was alone in the world.

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Osito, a puppy that was orphaned when its owner died

Osito is a brown dog with the most beautiful and deep eyes, he is sociable and obedient who lives in Culiacán, Sinaloa . However, his life has not always been rosy because his past hides a great story. He had an owner who took care of him, but sadly she died, Osito between tears and howls mourned in his heart, but he hoped that the relatives of his first owner would take care of him, but that never happened.

The daughter of the first owner, according to the rescuers of the foundation, for unknown reasons, could not attend to him and therefore, he tried to get ahead wandering the streets exposing himself to  bacterial diseases  and bites from other canines. Being a very calm dog, he let others bite or bother him.

His life was going downhill, he was very sad that they abandoned him being such an exemplary dog ​​that he only wanted to give love. An excess came out of his body, a ball that gradually grew due to molds from another dog that wandered with him. His hopes were lost when rescuers with a giant heart called Fundación Amigos Animalistas AC took him to a veterinary clinic and changed his life to give him one more chance to have loving owners.



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Little bear was found and rescued

When taking him to the experts they realized that this canine had to stay longer with the doctors, hospitalizing him for several days and later they had to do surgery to remove that little ball that had grown a lot and at the time he stayed in the clinic he also sterilized.

Right now Osito is already discharged, but he is looking for a home where he is loved and respected, where he is not left under any circumstances. adopt or give this puppy a temporary home that would greatly appreciate it.

He is a friendly, very flirtatious and obedient canine and he is waiting for you to give you a lot of love. For more information you can ask for him on Facebook Fundación Amigos Animalistas AC You can also contact them by email: [email protected]. Give him an oportunity.




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