The cat looks drawn, but it is real and loves toilet paper.

At the first glance at Cat (Cat), it seems that someone was very interested in the idea of ​​chimerizing cats and decided to draw their own version. Well, there is no such clear division in nature! More precisely, as it happens, it’s just a huge rarity and almost all carriers of the effect are countless. Well, now the list has been replenished by the Cat, she is Kat.

Kat lives in Thailand and is quite young, less than two years old. The owner says that initially she did not know about the uniqueness of the pet. More precisely, I confused it with another factor. In her words, Kat’s parents are mixed, she is half Scottish and half Persian. So the unusual appearance is supposedly a mixture of two breeds, but this is not the case.

Strictly speaking, it is a good idea to carry out a genetic analysis before claiming anything. But even so it is clear that there is one more chimera in the world. This happens when cells of two different individuals appear in one organism, for example, when one embryo is partially absorbed by another. Usually this leads to numerous problems and early death, but if you are lucky, a chimera appears – a creature with different DNA, different parts of the body! Kat’s secret has been revealed!

In addition to her unusual appearance, Kat has a passion for hunting cockroaches and toilet paper. But if cockroaches are still understandable, then toilet paper becomes the subject of quarrels. Kat doesn’t know what to do, don’t drink her valerian with mint, but let me gut a roll or two! You have to hide the paper behind seven locks, otherwise all stocks can be destroyed in a day. The hostess writes in all seriousness that there is no need for likes under the photo, just send toilet paper if you so want to please the cat

Marvin the cat helps the dog Musa to survive too noisy evenings

For people, fun is movement, noise and din. And for most animals, noise is a sign of danger. But, as they say, what does not kill us makes us stronger. And Musya the dog and Marvin the cat faced this by personal example.

After the hostess moved to the busy city center, Musya greeted all thunderstorms, holidays and fireworks like this

Seeing how the pet was suffering, the hostess tried to solve the problem. But neither a visit to the trainer, nor the purchase of sweets, no other methods helped. And then she went to the shelter and returned from there with the black cat Marvin.

Marvin is a city cat, a seasoned one, who, by the will of fate, ended up in a shelter. He quickly understood what Musya was and took patronage over her. For nothing, which is three times less than the pupil, there is enough reinforced concrete in the blood for two. Now, when Musya is frightened by loud noises, the cat accompanies her to the shelter in the bathroom and consoles her as best he can.

Here is such an everyday, simple story about the friendship of a cat with a dog!


RARE Half Male, Half Female Cardinal Spotted – “Once-In-A-Lifetime Sighting”

An avid birdwatcher from Warren County, Pennsylvania has had a “once-in-a-lifetime” bird sighting – a super rare cardinal that is half male and half female.

The bird is known as a ‘bilateral gynandromorph northern cardinal’ and is extra special as its look is divided right down the middle.

Typically, male cardinals are known for their bright red coloring whereas females have a much duller brownish appearance.

“I had a once-in-a-lifetime, one in a million bird encounter!”

Bilateral gynandromorph is when a female egg cell that developed two nuclei is fertilized by two sperm, resulting in double fertilization.

Two years ago, a half male-female cardinal was spotted outside of Erie and James reckons it could be the same bird.



“Could this bird be the same individual as the Erie, PA, bird? Possibly — their bird was female on the left and male on the right, too,” James said.

I have been birding for 48 years and yesterday (20 February 2021) I had a once-in-a-lifetime, one in a million bird…

Posted by Jamie Hill on Sunday, 21 February 2021


James Hill has been ‘birding’ for 48 years, he heard about the unique bird from a friend and went to the home where it was spotted to take pictures (after getting permission of course).

Understandably the homeowners where the bird was spotted would rather stay anonymous to avoid lots of people showing up to see the bird.

Woman Paints Fence For Nosy Bulldog – Passerby’s Find It Hilarious

Meet Bogart, a nosy 4-year-old English Bulldog who spends most of his day poking his head through the garden fence.

His garden fence is not your usual enclosure. Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen, Bogart’s human has painted some hilarious designs on the outside of the fence so passers-by can enjoy a little chuckle.

It’s essentially a stand-in that you’d find at a carnival, one hole has a jesters hat painted on it and the other has a king’s outfit.

Watch the hilarious short clip of him below:

What makes it even funnier is that Bogart is none the wiser to exactly how hilarious he looks. His mother has also been a source of entertainment, with them both often using both holes at the same time.

“Bogart has gone viral in Denmark—he has also got on one of Denmark’s biggest influencers’ Instagram profile, and now I can see that he’s [on] a Norwegian dog group too.”

“Bogart is a sweet, very loving and happy little English bulldog,” Levinsen told My Modern Met. “He loves to play, and he loves it when we are having people over—the more attention, the better, and he can be very insisting. He is the most stubborn dog I’ve ever had—if there is something he doesn’t want to do, he will not do it.”

Amazing sea lamb: an animal and a plant at the same time!

In the depths of the sea, all sorts of toothy creatures usually hide and the deeper, the more terrible they are. Therefore, today we will not go there, but will stay closer to the sun, where the wonderful beast Costasiella kuroshimae lives. Let’s call it for simplicity sea lamb, fortunately, it is very similar to a fabulous underwater lamb!

Nice, isn’t it? And very, very harmless!

It is not easy to find a sea leaf lamb, although it lives in a vast territory, it is only 5 mm in length.

See those green horns all over the back? There is real magic going on in them!

Biologists say that the sea lamb is such a slug. But they are countered by chemists who call it a living laboratory. Just imagine, a sea lamb gnaws green algae not for the sake of satiety, but in order to gently extract chloroplasts from them. They are needed for the process of photosynthesis by which plants “feed” on sunlight. The phenomenon is very complex and the sea sheep itself is not capable of, therefore, it takes other people’s chloroplasts and builds them into its cells. How exactly, scientists are still figuring out, but the result is a small miracle. The slug begins to absorb sunlight as food – and so it lives.

It looks like a beast, but eats like a plant!

There are literally a few creatures that do not belong to plants and microorganisms, but also know how to use photosynthesis on the entire planet. This is the most real miracle of nature!



What if animals had eyes in the front? Hilarious photo fantasy

This time we offer you to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle with the help of a completely hilarious selection of photos. However, these pictures are not real, but fantasy – modified with the help of Photoshop. But all the funnier!

Today we will dream up with you on the topic – what if animals had eyes in front? It turns out to be a lot of fun! So let’s allow ourselves to laugh heartily.

So, we invite you to see what a pigeon, dog, dolphin and other animals familiar to us would look like if they had eyes like ours. You are guaranteed a good mood!