Gorilla Anaka is able to attract attention with one left. After all, her hand looks just like a human!

A gorilla named Anaka caught the attention of the web with his unusual hands.

She has a pigmented spot on her fingertips.

One user of the network thought that this is a disease of vitiligo, but the zoo staff denied this fact. They said that this is just a birthmark that Anaka got at birth.

It makes the hand look very human.

Also, humanity is added by the absence of claws, which in gorillas are replaced by the nail plate. Thanks to this pigmentation, Anaka stands out from the crowd and attracts the attention of not only netizens, but also zoo visitors. The main thing is that this feature does not affect the health and lifestyle of the gorilla, but only emphasizes its individuality.

“I chewed a hole in the fabric, and then I got stuck in it”: the owners talked about the silly actions of their beloved dogs

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5. “I chewed a hole in the fabric, and then I got stuck in it”

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