Meet The Rare Magical White Owl With Red Eyes

Well, honestly, pretty much nothing special – the same things your average non-ghostly, non-glowing eyes see.

In fact, this owl isn’t so much a study in scarlet as a lesson in albinism – one of nature’s most spectacular genetic doodles. This owl is an albino, meaning that he was born with little or no melanin, the chemical that gives color to our eyes, skin, and hair. And he is absolutely gorgeous!

This albino owl’s lack of color makes his eyes appear bright red because we can see straight through the iris to the blood vessels inside!

Isn’t he stunning?

Still, don’t believe he’s real? Watch this!

12 Animals That Just Melted (Our Hearts)

1. Hamsters Melting

2. This Bird Just Melted In My Palm

3. Cat Just Melted

4. Apparently Owls Melt In Direct Sunligh

5. Cat Puddle

6. Ducks Will Start To Melt At 90° F

7. This Hamster Was Melted

8. This Dog Is Melting

9. Very Few Things Disturb Her Sleep

10. Different Breeds Of Cats Have Different Melting Points

11. Melted Cat Moving Down The Stairs

12. Melting Squirrel

20 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Explain Cat Logic

Welcome to a new episode of “The Cats Are Taking Over the Internet” series! Here we have 19 carefully selected pictures of cats and their unequaled logic. Whether you have a cat at home or simply adore virtual ones, these will certainly bring the smile on your faces.

Apparently innocent tiny creatures, these cats actually know what they’re doing and their minds are so twisted; they defy all our human rules.

Enjoy and don’t forget to love cats!

1. The neighbor’s food is always the tastiest.

2. Cat goal achieved.

3. “I do what I want and how I want it.”

4. “Cats can fly too, they don’t know it yet. Let me show you.”

5. ” ‘Cuz we love black.”

6. “I did what you told me to.”

7. This is so sad.

8. Smart pants.

9. “And my color too…”

10. “I just love the view. You humans don’t understand art.”

11. Ok, now!

12. Got it!

13. Empty is empty.

14. “So you give me the box, stupid meowman!”

15. “I have invisible superpowers.”

16. For sure.

17. “These dogs don’t know the value of objects like we do; so we keep them.”

18. “Because I change fast.”

 19. Keep doing that!

20. And be sure everybody hears you!

17 Awkward Pets Who Are You At A Party

Not all of us are extroverts, and that’s okay! Wallflower power!

1. When you don’t know anyone at the party.

2. When you’re trying to figure out how to join the conversation.

3. Shy bird is still curious.

4. The drum kit is going to be out of commission for a little while.

5. “Oh jeez, I thought I found the perfect hiding spot.”

6. “Am not kitten, am couch.”

7. When you’re shy, but you see your crush coming towards you.

8. Expert camouflage.

9. First day of doggy day care.

10. “Me? Cute? Aww, shucks.”

11. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you, right?

12. Trying to find the best hiding spot.

13. So smol floofs!

14. “No, you go talk to them.”

15. “Why do they want my picture?”

16. “My fluffs will conceal me!”

17. When you’re shy, but you also smell bacon.

22 Dogs Who Are Totally You On Your Birthday

Let me tell you about serious birthday feelings through cute dogs doing cute things!

1. You wake up pretty darn excited. It is your birthday, after all.

2. You are in full birthday princess mode.

3. You put on your cutest dress.

4. And your reddest lipstick.

5. And tons of eyeliner and mascara.

6. You make reservations at a fancy restaurant.

7. You order both an appetizer and dessert. #birthdaygirl

8. Birthdays are a perfect excuse to eat anything you want.

9. Of course, you’re excited about the food.

10. Birthdays require champagne.

11. And anything else you want to drink!

12. Mostly, it’s all about the birthday cake.

13. How about the presents? Did you get new shoes?

14. How about the latest Stephen King novel?

15.  But then, you realize birthdays mean you’re getting older.

16.  What are you even doing with your life?

17. Just doing the same things, day in and day out. You worry you’re not going anywhere.

18. But then you’re like, “Whatever, I’m awesome.”

19. You get in your jammies.

20. Make cocktails.

21. Put on your favorite movie.

22. Then go to bed super early, like the old person you are.

This Colorful Rosy Maple Moth Is an Eye-Catching Garden Visitor

Moths are generally pests and people try all ways to keep them away. However, people who have not seen the rosy maple moth, going with the scientific name as Dryocampa Rubicunda, will surely be taken in for a pleasant surprise by looking at these photos of the lovely moth.
Colorful in nature, this insect is native to the eastern regions of North America and now, it will definitely take a place in your heart after you see its photos.

The rosy maple moth exists in different colors. However, one particular sub-species has a striking resemblance to Battenberg cakes.

Don’t you think they look similar?

The color of this insect is brilliant.

The name of this insect is from the diet from the early days of their life, as they only feed on maple leaves.

However, on hitting adulthood, they stop eating altogether.

They are highly solitary, as they end up flying solo most of their lives.

They are generally active only for a few hours in the evening.

They are incredibly cute.

30 Endangered Animals: Photographer Spent Two Years To Raise Awareness

Photographer Spends Two Years Taking Photos Of Endangered Animals That Could Disappear Because Of Us

British photographer Tim Flach spent 2 years documenting and capturing the ever so fragile existence of animals. They will likely become extinct in the very near future. His photos of endangered animals are rare images showing some of the most beautiful creatures on earth that are threatened with extinction. These images are a must-view for everyone to realize these are incredible creatures that we should not dare to lose.

Other creatures not on the endangered animals’ list face cruelty every day from poachers and hunters with their ivory or skins being sold on the black market! Unless others speak up, they too will become extinct!

Tim’s goal is to reveal the bond between humans and other animals. I couldn’t agree more than his belief that how can anyone stare into the eyes of these majestic animals and not be heartbroken that they are treated with less worthiness of life than humans.

Scroll down and allow your eyes to look at true magnificence and vote for your favorite ones. These natural beauties will take your breath away!

Share with friends and help to stop the madness of turning these creatures into none existent!

1. Saiga

2. Polar Bear

3. Philippine Eagle

4. Hyacinth Macaw

5. African Elephant

6. Iberian Lynx

7. Snow Leopard

8. Cheetah With Cubs

9. Ring Tailed Lemur

10. Ploughshare Tortoise

11. White Bellied Pangolin

12. Red Panda

13. Fireflies

14. Hippopotamus

15. Red Crown Crane

16. Giant Panda

17. Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

18. Pied Tamarin

19. Shoebill

20. Sea Angels

21. Northern White Rhinoceros

22. Scimitar Oryx’s

23. European Honey Bee

24. Military Macaw

25. Egyptian Vulture

26. Scallope Hammerhead Aggregation

27. Blue Throated Macaw

28. Western Lowland Gorillas

29. Proboscis Monkey

30. Indian Gharial