18 Pets That Hate Selfies But Look Adorable In Them

Today, selfies are the daily bread, millions of people of all ages take at least one selfie a day, they seem to have the need to record how they look every 24 hours. They have even proposed to make this a practice, they do it frequently in order to find their best angles and then show off by uploading their photos on social networks.

But there are also those who like to take selfies in the company of their pets and the truth is that they do not like it one bit, they have no escape and they are forced to appear in the images. However, what they can do very well is show their best expressions of disapproval, check out these examples.

1. Are you going to start again?

2. Listen to me human, we have to talk.

3. Ultimately this is completely out of control.

4. Stay away, I don’t like your photos.

5. This is too boring for me.

6. You always take photos in the worst moments.

7. And you only share the photos in which you look good.

8. I know, you don’t care one bit about my feelings.

9. Even though I have great beauty.

10. Seriously, I don’t like selfies.

11. So I’m going to turn off your device once and for all.

12. I just hope you don’t think to bother me anymore.

13. By God! I look too ridiculous.

14. Don’t you notice how much it bothers me?

15. You always take photos when I’m off guard.

16. And also in moments of greatest discomfort.

17. And of course, you do it because you know I can’t defend myself.

18. You know very well that I love you, but my tolerance is running out.

10 beautiful moms from the animal kingdom proudly showing off their pregnancies

There is no more wonderful experience than being a mother and although sometimes there are complications and setbacks, it is still an incredible feeling and this not only applies to human beings, animals can also enjoy this experience.

In this article we will name you 10 beautiful mothers from the animal world who look satisfied with their pregnancy:

The coyote:

This pregnancy is short-lived, just 9 weeks. In addition, these ferocious animals can have up to 9 cubs at each birth.

The Mare:

They are characterized by bringing nothing more than a foal into the world, although it is important to emphasize that there are cases where mares have brought twins into the world. On the other hand, the gestation process can last for more than a year.

The leopard:

As with the coyote, this pregnancy is usually short, around 90 and 105 days, but with the difference that they give birth to only 2 or 3 puppies.

The gorilla:

Another point for Darwin’s theory is that the gestation process of these animals is similar to that of humans, since it can last between 8 and 9 months.

The goat:

This animal also meets the same duration as the one above, but unlike the others, goats can have up to 20 kids in one birth.

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The Macaque:

They usually have a young like humans but the process is much shorter, usually 166 to 185 days.

The marmot:

Their pregnancy does not usually last more than 32 days and the number of pups can vary.

The meerkat:

As with marmots, the number of young they give birth can vary, but the gestation process is approximately 70 days.


Like the mare, the elephant has only one calf, but unlike the rest of the mammalian animals, its gestation period is the longest among animals since it lasts almost two years.


Lastly, we have this incredible and fast animal. Their gestation process is not more than 90 days and they usually give birth to up to 3 cheetahs per pregnancy.

Meet Kazou, an eyeless kitten who will steal your heart

Kazou is a cat that was found small when he was still very young, when they found him his eyes were badly damaged because of the cat flu and unfortunately they had to be removed with surgery.

This story might seem really sad, anyone might think that Kazou is a poor cat with a really sad life, but he is not, there is not even a bit of sadness in his life. The truth is that the fact of losing one of his senses did not become in any way an impediment for this little one to continue being a very happy cat.

He is a very curious, playful feline and is not afraid of anything, he loves to go after bumblebees and among his main and privileged hobbies is enjoying the sun in the garden. He is a very lucky cat who is also loved and pampered by his family, even by all the strangers who meet in his way, everyone falls in love with his cuteness.

Check out the photo shoot that his owner did for Kazou below, he looks like a real model, he looks really amazing, his beauty was captured in the best way and he has the power to win everyone’s heart.

This is Kazou, although he can’t see with his eyes, he does so with his heart.

Like all other felines, he is also daring and very curious.

He is also extremely adorable.

Although he lost his sight when he was very young, it seems that he does not miss it one bit.

Her favorite hobby is walking in the garden …

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And of course to sunbathe.

It is very, very playful.

No one can deny that it is very photogenic.

Its sweetness is capable of making even strangers fall in love.

Surely you too.

18 Animals that transmit happiness through their offspring

Concern, the best care, pride, and feelings characterize any parent, even in the animal kingdom. Animals can also have intense emotions capable of captivating anyone and make excellent mothers and fathers. Here we share a compilation of 18 fantastic parents, they are so great that they will make you feel too much tenderness and love to give.

1. A girl organized a photo shoot for a pregnant dog named Lilica, there is no more photogenic mother than her.

2. Father and son.

3. The maternal instinct made person.

4. Family love.

5. The phrase on the hat says: I’m dad! Congratulations to this father.

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6. Happiness is when you have your mom next to you.

7. The wait at the airport.

8. A father represents an incredible force …

9. … He is also the best friend for games.

10. In any large family, order is always important.

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11. They always accept you even though you don’t look like others.

12. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re not my son …

13. … Because the truth is that that of other people’s children does not exist.

14. You feel the full force of fatherly love, literally.

15. All the pride of a mother.

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16. Finally her little ones fell asleep.

17. Sometimes we think someone has more parental love …

18. … Although they love them all equally.

19. Bonus: even a toy deserves love.

Which of all was your favorite photo?

10 Cats And Dogs That Can Raise The Level Of Happiness In Your Body

If you have pets you already know the joy and love they bring to your life. Now science is confirming just how good they really are for you — both mentally and physically.
Our pets have magic skills that can increase our good moods and cause us to have tender emotions or bursts of laughter. So, scroll down to see photos of dogs and cats that will make your day better for sure.

#1. “My cat met a baby deer today.”

#2. This seems to be the most peaceful cat in the world.

#3. This good boy doesn’t actually look that good — or maybe he simply needs to sneeze. Anyway, there is no one who would dare to check.

#4. “Stop doing what you’re doing and start loving me.”

#5. “My dog trying acupuncture”

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#6. Cats look sad when they’re being washed because water reveals their true form.

#7. “Dennis is cross-eyed but we love him anyway.”

#8. There’s no place you can hide from a cat’s devotion.

#9. He’s definitely a mama’s boy.

#10. Sweet dreams:

Pigeon That Can’t Fly Becomes Best Friends With Adorable Chihuahua That Can’t Walk

A very unlikely, yet extremely heartwarming friendship between a pigeon and a chihuahua has taken people by surprise. Everyone meets Herman and his special friend!

Herman is a rescue pigeon that can’t fly and Lundy is a 10-week-old chihuahua who can’t walk, and their special relationship won everyone’s hearts. The two adorable creatures met at the Mia Foundation – a non-profit in Rochester, New York, which rehabilitates animals with birth defects.Herman is a resident at the rescue center for over a year. Back then, the little one was found in the car park, unable to fly or move. The wildlife rescuers said at the time he would stand a chance of survival, but Sue Rogers – the founder of The Mia Foundation, knew Herman would beat the odds. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to fly again, but that doesn’t stop the tiny creature to be such an adorable presence and the center, where he’d be a permanent resident.

Lundy on the other hand, was just 4-week-old when a breeder in South Carolina decided he’s useless, given his special needs, so the poor little soul ended up in the shelter. Thankfully, he arrived at Sue’s foundation, and here he found all the love and comfort he needed. And more than that, a special friend.

Sue’s post went absolutely viral with millions of people being absorbed by the adorable duo. More than that, thanks to the popularity Herman and Lundy enjoyed a lot of kind-hearted people made donations for the rescue center.

“Just from a simple picture of a pigeon and a puppy being shared, we’ve already brought in over $6,000 in donations,” Sue said. ” think the world needs good stories and when you have two species that basically fall in love, it can only touch hearts.”

Mom Thinks Her Dog Is Lost Until She Finds Him Napping Next To Her Newborn Baby

That dogs and tiny humans make best of friends is something we all know. These furry creatures always make sure their human siblings are happy and laughing and would do everything in their power to keep them safe and sound at all times.

There are also those parents who don’t want pets around the house, and it’s pity they are not really aware what their children are missing. Growing around a dog gives kids the feeling of protection and they learn how to be loving and responsible.

When a mom named Kristin Leigh Rhynehart introduced her newborn baby to her rescue dog Raven, she knew the two would fit just perfectly, but she never expected for Raven to fall in love with baby Addison so much and to never ever leave her side.

Raven was adopted nearly ten years ago and he made this family’s life better than ever.

One day, as the baby was in her room sound asleep, Kristin though it would be a great opportunity for her to spend some fun time with the dog, but to her surprise, Raven was nowhere to be found.

Kristen panicked and checked all the rooms once again before she went outside looking for the dog. She then got back in the house and realized there was one room she didn’t look Raven at; her baby’s room.

Once she opened the door, she stumbled upon the cutest sight ever. Raven was lying next to Addison, covered in blankets. He casually lifted his head and when he saw it was Kristin who was at the door, he simply continued napping next to his favorite human.

Kristin felt overjoyed as she was now more certain than ever that Raven was the perfect protector.

“Ten years ago I left a rescue with this little guy and I often wonder… who rescued who? I gave him a home, but he gave me so, so much more.” Kristin said.

Thankfully, she put everything on tape and people fell in love with what they had to see. The video has been seen more than 10 million times, and everyone agrees that dogs really are the best creatures God has ever created.

What do you think ?

Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells – Prepare It At Home!

According to the latest statistics, the Japanese nation has the longest lifespan than any other nation on the globe. Which is the main reason why millions of people became interested in alkaline water. It is believed that the alkaline water is able to enhance our metabolism, help our organism get rid of toxins and it is great for killing cancer cells.

Firstly our body is made out of 80% water, which is why if you want to be in perfect health condition your pH levels must be alkaline. Which means our pH levels should be above 7, because every level below 7 is considered as acidic.

Unhealthy foods and diets that we have are making our body acidic. The main reasons for an acidic body are the alcohol, coffee, salt, refined sugar, greasy food, lack of minerals and vitamins, and processed. The most common symptoms of a weak immune system are abdominal pain, everyday headaches, and many other bad health conditions.

According to many studies, it has been proven that cancer cells can survive and spread in an acidic body, but they cannot exist a second in an alkaline body, which is the main reason why we want to keep our pH levels above 7. The pH levels can be easily maintained with the consumption of alkaline water, because it is able to get rid of the acid that remains without harming any healthy cell. Also it helps us to keep our body hydrated, also it is beneficial for maintaining a proper body function and health.

Here is a recipe, to prepare alkaline water at home.


  • 1 tablespoon of  Himalayan salt
  • 1 organic lemon (cut in slices)
  • 2 liters of filtered and purified water


Pour the 2 liters of filtered and purified water in a large and clean jar. Put the lemon slices inside and add the salt too. Mix everything with a large spoon. Once you have stirred well, close the jar and let it sit during the night on a room temperature. When you get up, grab the jar and drink 3 glasses of it on an empty stomach.

Keep that routine, and from that day forward your body will slowly but surely start to alkalize and get rid of the acids in your organism. Also it will keep you hydrated too.

10+ Furry Moms That Will Bring You A Good Mood

From the moment we are born, all we know is our mother. The bond between a mother and her child is one unlike that of any two human beings on earth. And the same can be said for the creatures of the animal kingdom, and this is evidenced in the beautiful, heartwarming photos you’re about to see below. They clearly show that animal moms are not as different from our own as we might imagine – they are patient, giving, tenacious and wise, giving their children all that they need.

Take a look to see baby animals and their mama in these pictures below. Don’t forget to SHARE the super-sweet snapshots with your friends and your family!

#1. How many puppies can you count?

#2. There’s a place for every child under Mommy’s fluffy paw!

#3. A row of love

#4. A lemur mom and kids having fun

#5. “I made these!”

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#6. Being a mom means sacrificing your privacy to a certain extent…

#7. Aww… Just look at those cuties!

#8. Purring fluffies

#9. Hey, buddy! Does my kid take after me?

#10. What could be better than lying on your soft and warm Mommy?

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#11. Attention! Cuteness overload!

#12. There’s so much love in this picture!

#13. A mother’s kiss

#14. A purrfect family picture!

#15. That little rebel!

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#16. They look adorable, don’t they?

#17. A mom with her newborn kittens

#18. Teaching the kids to pose for a photo

#19. Successfully copied

#20. Countryside perfection

24 funny pets that will make you laugh with such laziness

In today’s article, we’ll show you 24 pictures of pets that were taken quite literally on the claim that laziness prolongs your life. Without a doubt, you will laugh like us when you see how lazy some animals can be.

1. This poor squirrel is the antithesis of Scrat

2. I think this dog was very tired from playing so much

3. So much work really exhausts

4. This sofa is already a little too small for this friend

5. It may already be time to stop treating him like a puppy

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6. Are you serious?

7. Starting the day with energy

8. Don’t get it wrong, it’s your break time

9. Tired of the drama

10. This is me, on Fridays when I leave work

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11. He had never been so happy in his life

12. This cat represents us all in the middle of the week

13. How lazy!

14. The best sleeping position you will see today

15. Do you even feel comfortable?

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16. My face when Sunday arrives and I know that the next day I have to work

17. A normal day at the office

18. Low Battery

19. The best centerpiece

20. This without a doubt, is a true friendship

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21. Please stay home today

22. It is literally melting away

23. Tongue out and to sleep

24. Another perspective on my laziness