Cyclist Finds Abandoned Puppy While Out On A Ride And Decides To Adopt Him

There are still many poor creatures who are abandoned somewhere every day. Without love and care, they have to struggle to survive on the streets.

One Sunday in Greece, a member of the DogHeirs community named Vicky, and a few friends found an abandoned puppy while they were out for a bike ride.

They accompanied the upset dog, and then one of the cyclists decided to adopt the puppy.

“Lucky day for an abandoned puppy found on our Sunday bike ride within the countryside of Sparta (Greece) and adopted by one among the cyclists with great pleasure. Does anybody recognize what breed it is?”, said Vicky.

“Please don’t throw unwanted creatures of God in wastelands.”

Fortunately for this stray puppy, he’s not unwanted. He now features a new ally, a warm home, and many adventures to seem forward to.

E-Cigarettes Cause A Horrible Incurable Disease Called ‘Popcorn Lung’

E-cigarettes had been very popular since they were invented. Many smokers think they are much safer than tobacco, because they were introduced and promoted that way. But as the old saying goes “if it’s too good to be true”.

A study was done about E-cigarettes by the Harvard school of Public Health, and the results are stunning. The study has shown that they don’t cause the traditional threat like tobacco, but something much worse and different.

The chemical that is used in E-cigarettes is called Diacetyl, which cause many respiratory diseases, mostly the condition called “Popcorn Lungs”. This condition firstly was noticed in people who worked in popcorn producing factories in the microwave, where they inhaled the butter flavoring. The disease is very serious, and can be life threatening. This disease causes scarring in tiny air sacs inside the lungs. This may cause shortness of breath and coughing.

“The 39 e-cigarettes had enough diacetyl, for the study to detect these conditions. Other chemicals like diacetyl and also diacetyl, are used not only in e-cigarettes , but in many alcohol flavors, fruit flavors, butter-flavored popcorn, and candy flavored e-cigarettes.”

The research also found out that, this ingredient is also used in cupcakes, cotton candy and other things that many young people find attractive and interesting.

But since e-cigarettes are very new and had been used for a very short period of time, they have developed this disease, and who knows what will they cause in the near future. Elkan Blout, David Christiani were professors of Environmental Genetics, were the authors of this study and they said:

“We don’t know anything about e-cigarettes, since all the health issues are blamed on the nicotine of the e-cigarette. Besides that they contain nicotine, they contain other addictive ingredients and cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde, and as the study shows chemicals that are flavoring but may cause a lot of lung damage.”

It seems like it is not the best solution to grab the e-cigarette and say that you are safe, it is probably better to stay away from an e-cigarette until further researches are done and they develop a new way of use of e-cigarettes. Until then if you are a smoker stick to tobacco.

Here is a video of a man that got devastating results from an e-cigar:

Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Many As Children

It is since the beginning of mankind, the women has been playing a more directly and engaged role in a child’s life. In ancestral era, where men used to go out and hunt to bring food to the caves, women used to stay in the caves collecting vegetables and fruits, and used to take care of the children they had, while the men were out.

It was the same until women gained the right to work and earn their own salary just like the men did, that was about a few centuries ago.

You may ask your great-grandmother or your grandmother, and she will tell you that she used to stay at home take care of the children, and the house, while your grandfather was working and earning salary.

Training or parenting your child is never an easy task, it never was. But women or mothers have a special gift that they can develop with a lot of experience.

Taking care of the many tasks they accepted on, is more than having a full time job, they accept the responsibility for all of the tasks in the moment they become mothers.

The most difficult and stressful part of the tasks is to confront every stage of the child, and every stage is difficult in its own way. But nothing is impossible, mothers put a lot of effort, love and dedication to achieve the goal, which makes them really admirable.

Have you ever wondered, How can husbands collaborate?

The real reason for stress in parenting is the lack of support

Parenting should be done by both of the parents, the mother and the father to up bring and teach the child. But as always, somehow the harder tasks and the greater responsibility falls on the mother.

According to studies, a husband can stress out more than a child, and 45% of the mothers that participated in the studies confirmed the same.

When you finally meet with your life partner it’s completely normal to build a together life that both of you dreamed of, to live together, have the house of your dreams and have children.

Very rarely, women ask their husbands if they really want to put everything on them, to accomplish the plans they putted together. A very obvious question.

But the surprise is even bigger when that doesn’t happen. Then many women can confirm the same that their stress in their upbringing is because of the husbands don’t support them enough.

Therefore, men defended themselves with the fact that even if they offered help, the women refused by thinking they would be able to solve all problems with the child alone.

But with proper communication and consulting both parties can be understood and the problems would be solved, as the many misunderstandings too. The stress you have is not healthy at all, and is not good for parenting.

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts That Make Your Life Quick And Easy

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts that Make Your Life Quick and Easy

If you have found a way to quickly use the digits, letters and signs on the keyboard, you have started very good. But there are other keys that you fear if you press them they might break your computer or do something bad, like the ones that contain “F” above the digits. In this article you can quickly learn how to use those buttons and make your job on the computer a lot faster.

Computer Keyboard Keys: Mac and PC Equivalents

It depends on what kind of computer you are working (Mac or Windows), because the keyboards for these two are very different. Don’t catch us wrong, they are not that different, here are the main things that may confuse you:

  • Option = Alt
  • Control = Ctrl
  • Delete = Backspace
  • Return = enter
  • Command (four-leaf clover) = Windows


The Function Buttons Keyboard Shortcuts

Before starting to learn take a good look at your function keys, you can notice that they have already functions on them like lower the volume or the screen brightness etc. They are shortcuts you can use. So if you want to perform the function on the key, first you need to hold on to the Fn and then press the F# key (Fn+F#).

F1 will open a help screen on every program.

F2 allows you to rename a selected document.

F3 opens a search bar on the application you have opened.

F4 + Option/Alt will close anything you have opened.

F5 will refresh your computer or reload the page you are on.

F6 it moves to the cursor to the address bar on internet browsers.

F7 it can check grammar and spelling in a Word document.

F8 will give you access to the Windows boot menu, or it will display thumbnail images from all workspaces on Mac.

F9 it displays thumbnail images of all windows in one workspace, refreshes a Word document or sends and receives emails in Outlook.

F10 it opens the Menu bar in every application, shows the open windows of a program that is currently active on Mac.

F11 enables and disables full screen mode on internet browsers, or it can display your desktop on a Mac.

F12 displays the Mac’s dashboard, with a calculator or calendar application, and opens the save as bar in Word.

For those of you who work a lot on a computer, press and hold the Ctrl/Command button and the following keys to:

+N to open a new document

+C to copy a highlighted text

+O to open a selected file

+A will select the whole text on a page

+X cut a selected text

+P print the opened document

+W close an opened window

+S save a document or a file

+V paste copied text

+Q will close a whole app (works only on Mac)

+Up  Arrow go on the top of a page (use for mac only)

Multi-Button Keyboard Shortcuts

The following combinations are shortcuts first for Mac and then the second ones for Windows.

Command-Option-Escape / Control-Shift-Escape will open you the Task Manager on Windows and the Force Quit Menu on the Mac.

The PrtScr button allows you to take a picture of your screen right away. But the mac offers a lot more nuanced screen picture options. Shift-Command-3 will take a picture of the whole scree, but Shift-Command-4 will take a picture of an area that you will select, Shift-command-4-Space will take a picture only of a specific window. Shift-Command-T the last tab that was closed can be opened once more with this combo on your web browser.

On windows if you press the Windows button + D will minimize everything and show you your desktop. Windows button + F will open the “Find Files and Folders” search bar. Windows button + L will lock the workstation right away (you can use this shortcut to change users faster).

More Resources

The Apple and Microsoft resources are using a lot more unexpected, detailed and unknown shortcuts. You might be feeling the overload of information you got, but trust us you will be thankful for these useful shortcuts one day.

25 images of kids doing mischief that will make you think twice about wanting to be dad

Most men dream of being parents, having their own children and watching them grow, teach them everything they can and share the best moments with them, keeping unique and special memories.
But parenting is something that should be thought very well, it is a really huge responsibility, it involves a huge set of tasks, as well as really unique scenarios and situations, the truth is that being a father is full of surprises, especially for those that include sweets. mischief and no one is ready for it.

In some situations, to be a father it is key to fill yourself with courage to face everything that may happen, although at the same time it is the opportunity to fill yourself with tenderness. In short, being a parent can be a horror story, accompanied by the biggest laughs.

Here is a gallery of innocent shenanigans that little ones do and that parents have to deal with that may make you consider once again if you really want to be a parent.

1. A unique foam party.

2. Yes they are obedient.

“This is how my children understood the rule of not painting in the house.”


3. They told him to take a little bath.


4. When dad is in charge.


5. How the heck did your feet get into the box?

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6. I already understood why he was so quiet.


7. He discovered the color purple and loved it.


8. That is why I prefer not to take it off the cart.


9. And then they ask why the cat is grumpy.


10. Help please.

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11. Mouth cleaning and everything fixed.


12. It is not the right way.


13. They were very cold.


14. The moment before the tragedy happened.


15. A cheese monster.

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16. I didn’t go, it was the dog.


17. A little angel wanted to change color.


18. A little decoration doesn’t hurt.


19. What is it like to have a 4-year-old child?

20. If you know what it is like, why do you leave the flour within your reach?

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21. Or the chocolate powder.

21. Or the chocolate powder.


22. Testing alternatives.

24. I hope they don’t ask me to pay for the entire plane.


25. The soup exploded by itself.

20 puppies that changed their look during quarantine and are the cutest thing you’ll see today

If you have a puppy as a pet and you want to make a change of look, but you don’t know which one, the following images that we will show you can give you or your pet’s stylist a better inspiration. It is a dog groomer located in South Korea which has gone viral in recent months, for sharing the adorable cuts they make to the dogs who come for their services.

The hair salon is called Shu & Tree and they have become so viral that their YouTube channel has more than 200 million views and their Instagram profile has already reached more than 40,000 followers.

In their different social network profiles they share every day videos of the pets that come to their facilities for a change, which they usually accompany with fun songs to make them more entertaining. In the same way, through their Instagram they publish tender moments of animals and in short, their content is ideal if you are looking to relax after a stressful day and if pets are your weakness.

And if you want a demonstration of what we are telling you, in this article we leave you the best before and after images that we have compiled from the Shu & Tree account where you can see how the dogs that go for a cut tend to be almost unrecognizable but equally beautiful.







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20 women who have played the role of Cleopatra throughout history

Cleopatra’s origins date from between 70 to 30 BC and she was one of the most important and influential women in Ancient Egypt, in fact, her reign was the last to usher in a new era.

Over the years, Cleopatra has become a feminine cult reference for many generations and has served as an inspiration within the beauty, film, television and music industries. For the latter, there have been many actresses who have played the ancient Queen of Egypt, and in her they have tried to emulate in the most similar way possible the appearance that according to historical data belonged to her.

In the following article we have compiled for you a list of actresses who, over the years, have been in charge of bringing Cleopatra to life in different audiovisual productions.

1. Elizabeth Taylor – Cleopatra (1963)

2. Vivien Leigh – Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)

3. Monica Bellucci – Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002)

4. Sophia Loren – The Nights of Cleopatra (1954)

5. Leonor Varela – Cleopatra (1999)

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6. Katy Perry – Dark Horse (video clip, 2013)

7. Theda Bara – Cleopatra (1917)

8. Claudette Colbert – Cleopatra (1934)

9. Virginia Mayo – The history of mankind (1957)

10. Florence Lawrence – Antony and Cleopatra (1908)

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11. Pascale Petit – A Queen for Caesar (1962)

12. Rhonda Fleming – The Serpent of the Nile (1958)

13. Micheline Dax (voice) – Asterix and Cleopatra (1968)

14. Hildegarde Neil – Mark Antony and Cleopatra (1972)

15. Jeanne d’Alcy – Cleopatra (1899) 

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16. Amanda Barrie – Beware Cleopatra (1964) 

17. Alessandra Negrini – Cleopatra (2007)

10 Hilarious Illustrated Reactions That Show Drastic Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats are very different. They seem to come from different planets. Put in the same situation but they react respond differently. While dogs are gentle and responsible, cats are mischievous and bossy. Dogs tend to love cuddles than cats. Some cats seem to be the biggest jerks of the dogs. Steal their dog sibling’s food, stare at the dog to prevent them from climbing up the stair, or tease their friend when he’s sleeping fast. There will be no strange to see these scenes if you are raising both cats and dogs at home.

In this post, we’re glad to share 10 hilarious illustrated reactions that show drastic differences between cats and dogs. If you want to adopt a pet, cat or dog, you should give these a look. By doing so, you won’t get shocked when welcoming them home. Understanding their character and living habits, you are easier to get well with them. They’re adorable members in your family may sense your feeling and comfort you.





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Thai Woman Uses Turmeric For Her Cat’s Fungal Infection, And The Cat Accidentally Turns Yellow (14 Pics)

This poor cat had a fungal infection

So her owner applied a turmeric scrub to cure it

Supamas was worried about her cat’s infection so she asked her mother for advice. She suggested applying turmeric—an Indian spice and medicinal herb used to treat infections. “My cat Ka-Pwong had ringworm, we did everything to cure it, but nothing worked. That was when my mother had the idea of using turmeric. At first, she painted it on the ringworm but as there was a lot left, she decided to paint the whole body to prevent future mycoses,” said Supamas to Bored Panda.

Unfortunately, the turmeric scrub changed the color of her fur but seemed to have worked

However, once this Indian spice was applied to Ka-Pwong’s distinct white fur, it immediately turned it yellow. Moreover, the problem appeared when it came to washing the distinct color off as it wouldn’t wash off. As her whole body was covered in turmeric to prevent the infection from spreading further, the poor cat turned into a yellow creature. Much like Pikachu from the animated series Pokemon. “My cat may not even know it turns yellow now. Now the cat is cheerful and eats a lot as usual.”

However, the poor cat turned yellow

To everyone’s concern, the owner reassured people that the Indian spice helped to cure Ka-Pwong’s infection. It “reduced itching and not licking the wound area.” However, the treatment shouldn’t be repeated without consulting a vet. Supamas says that she hopes that the color will fade away in 3 months and her fur will change. “I hope the fungus is cured, I still have to hope that my cat will turn white as well.”

Here’s how she looked before and after the turmeric scrub

The owner thought that she looked like Pikachu so she photoshopped a few features onto her photos

Image credits: ตุ้มเม้งแมวแพนด้า&คาพ้วงแมวเชื้อรา


Anti-Inflammatory Coconut And Sweet Potato Muffins With Ginger, Cinnamon And Maple Syrup

Besides that they are delicious, these muffins are also full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well!

Benefits of eating Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes contain high amounts of the beta-carotene, which actually is very beneficial and good against dangerous free radicals that are inside our bodies.

  • Free radicals are damaging our DNA are affecting its makeup and that causes mutations.
  • Various cancer diseases may occur, due to cell mutations.

The sweet potatoes are also containing a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and are high in nutrients that can fight against acute and chronic inflammation.

  • Numerous chronic diseases may occur due to inflammation, and if you do not treat it on time it can cause health issues as well.

Sweet Potato Muffins with no Flour


  • ⅛ teaspoon of ground nutmeg, and ground cloves.
  • 1 tablespoon of both ground ginger and ground cinnamon.
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt and 1/2 cup of  pure organic maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup of organic coconut flour
  • 1 cup of organic brown rice flour
  • 2 tablespoons of organic olive oil
  • 3/4 cup of organic canned coconut milk
  • 3 organic eggs, lightly beaten
  • And of course one small organic sweet potato, roasted


  1. Heat the oven on around 400 degrees.
  2. Oil up a 12-hole muffin tray.
  3. Poke little holes on the sweet potato and place it in the middle, then cook it for about an hour (until it becomes soft).
  4. After an hour remove the potato and let it cool outside.
  5. Peel the sweet potato from the skin and put it in a bowl for mixing.
  6. Throw the skin or eat it if you like – a lot of vitamins are contained in its peel.
  7. Add the liquid ingredients to the potato and mix and mash until the mixture is smooth.
  8. In another cup mix all of the dry ingredients.
  9. Add the dry ingredients to the bowl with the potato too, and stir well.
  10. Pour the mixture in to the muffin cups and fill them around 2/3.
  11. Put it in the oven and cook them for about 35 minutes.
  12. Then take the muffins out, let them cool a bit and dig in!

Cook these tasty and healthy muffins for your friends and family, serve them at your next family meeting, event the pickiest food lovers will adore them.

Share this article with your friends, let them learn about these healthy muffins too!