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Photo Tricking Dog Hides In Plain Sight; Blending Perfectly In A Pile Of Logs


Lucy has always loved playing with sticks. And the shape or size don’t really matter to her. Even though she is pretty small, she will try to play even with big sticks, or in this case -logs. When she noticed a big pile of logs in the backyard, she just couldn’t help herself and immediately ran to it.

“When she saw this pile of logs, she instantly had to explore it and climb all over, sniffing around checking things out,” Katie L., Lucy’s mom says.

“She LOVES playing with sticks, doesn’t matter the size, she will try to pick it up so I’m sure she was happy to see the logs (too big to pick up obviously, they are definitely double her weight or more).”



Even though she was very excited, Lucy climbed onto the pile of logs very carefully as her mom watched her from nearby. And pretty soon, she realized that Lucy blends perfectly with her surroundings- her fur was the same color as the logs.



She took a photo of Lucy, but when she looked to see how it turned out, she actually had to squint to notice her.

Katie knew that this photo just had to be shared, and she posted it online. And people online tried really hard to notice the dog, but most of them failed. Lucy was like a chameleon.



“Almost everybody had to zoom in [on] the photo to actually see her,” Katie says. “But once you see her, you can’t unsee her. She’s hidden in plain sight, which is funny.”

Of course, lucy is totally unaware of the commotion her photo created on the Internet. She was just playing with her logs.