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Puppy carries his owner’s chair and helps her sell ice cream on the streets

They help each other by making use of their great friendship.

Boris is the name of a canine that has bonded with its owner in an impressive way . The human mother of this dog has the informal economy as a job, specifically she is an ice cream seller. In all working days both support each other.

The dog carries the stool in its teeth while the informal vendor decides to move from place . These incidents are seen by several passers-by in the Peruvian city of Huancayo, drawing their attention to the point of publishing photos of these workers.



Boris is known on social networks as the “chamba dog” and there is a video where you can see how the worker carries an ice cream cart from the Artika commercial brand. Seeing these moments where life gives you a partner is really impressive.





Some recent research shows how the presence of a dog or a pet in a work environment can reduce the tensions caused by routine. This is undoubtedly a truth that this worthy worker can attest to.



Anyone who knows Boris knows that he is not only limited to accompanying his human mother to work . He can be seen in the supermarket and in situations related to the entertainment of his partner.



The loyalty of this canine is undoubtedly exemplary. These simple events leave a teaching in society devoid of so many positive emotions. Moral principles that are conspicuous by their absence can appear in the figure of a beautiful four-legged being .