Puppy does not forget his mother even after 4 years of her death

The love of dogs is unconditional and for life, it is no longer necessary to show that they are man’s best friend and that they always give reasons to love them. Stories like the following show the bonds that some animals create with their family; they are so strong that even death cannot break them.

Benito is a sweet little dog who does not forget his mother, and continues to visit her in her grave, even after being 4 years old. For Benito, it is as if time had never passed, he refuses to accept it and that is why every time he visits his grave, he becomes very happy.

Little dog doesn’t forget his mom

When he reaches his mother Joha’s grave, he lays on top with contagious peace and doesn’t get up until it’s time to go.

This moving story has gone viral after Joha’s sister, Belén, posted a video on her Twitter account .

The young woman from Villaguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina, accompanied the publication with a moving legend that excites all Internet users.

Belén said on Twitter :

See this unconditional love. Joha is my sister, she passed away 4 years ago and he is Benito, her pet, who accompanied her for the last 2 years of her life and continues to do so today ».

The images contained in the video show different moments shared between Joha and her beloved dog in the short time they were able to live together.

There are photos of Benito’s arrival at the home, toasts, parties, naps and funny anecdotes, like once he was taken hidden to the hospital.

The family commented in an interview with LA NACION :

This time it was a surprise. She was hospitalized and always asked about her ‘son’. We knew how much he needed it.

However, one scene in particular was the one that moved and captivated everyone who was able to watch the video on social media. Benito can be seen eager to get to the cemetery, leaning out of the car window, and then, upon arrival, he runs through the holy field.

When he reaches his mother’s grave, Benito gets excited, barks and then demands to be lifted up so he can get closer to his beloved Joha. Afterward, the little boy is seen leaning on the coffin, in what appears to be a full acknowledgment of his best friend and mother.

The family assured that in reality he was like their son, and in the short time they shared, they gave each other pure and unconditional love.

In no time, the video already had millions of views and thousands of comments.

Bethlehem wrote:

“They are the most wonderful beings that exist, simply because they are the only ones who give their unconditional and eternal love.”

Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, Joha died on April 7, 2016 at the age of 25, after suffering a stroke. She was an agricultural technician and was studying a degree in biology, she had been born with heart problems, but she had a normal life.

Isamel, Joha’s father, said:

“She was missing her left ventricle. When she was one year old, they operated on her and at five, they did what is known as ‘the corrector’. From there, he had a normal life, but with its complications.

The family commented:

«The first time he did what you see in the video, we cried. He always asks that we pick him up and when he is there he is very calm. What’s more, he never wants to leave.

Benito is not willing to forget his mother and will continue to show all his love for her, every time he visits her in the cemetery.

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