Rescue of a Poor Homeless Dog Was Using A Shoe As A Shelter with a Broken Heart

If you’ve ever adopted an animal who has seen and experienced things no living being should ever endure, you’d know how hard it is for them to regain its trust in humans. But love and time are the two most powerful things that heal all wounds. That’s why it’s very refreshing to see a happy story with a great ending.
That’s why one man in Serbia dedicates his life to helping the street animals in his neighborhood. Goran Marinkovic brings food with him as he walks around Kraljevo so he can feed the many stray animals in need.
In March of 2020, when he went to visit them, he found a little surprise: an abandoned puppy sleeping next to a shoe.
“Passing a narrow pathway, I heard crying coming from the rocks. She was cold, hungry, and thirsty. I had food, so right away I gave her salami.”

The man took the little pup into his home, named him Smesten.
After the pupper was brought home by Goran, he started feeling and looking much better, thanks to all the love, food, and care he got

Currently, he’s feeding around 100 cats and dogs, which is crazy. Goran told us: “I save animals that are endangered, that live on the street. I take care of animals because I love them, I love animals equally everything, cats, dogs, others…” Goran said: “I feed abandoned animals on the street that are not getting food from humans and have no owners. Their numbers are constantly rising.” It’s saddening to hear that people are so carelessly abandoning their animals and throwing them in the streets. Kindness, love, and consideration saved the dog’s life. All thanks to amazing people like Goran.

Update now: A Wholly Different Life For Coco

After six months, Smesten is unrecognizable. He grew up to be a beautiful, friendly, and loving dog—full of energy, very healthy, and ready for adventures

Marinkovic scooped up the puppy, whom he later named Coco, and brought her to the vet. Though she had been living on her own during a precarious time, Coco fought to regain her strength.
Marinkovic then reached out to other animal rescuers both nearby and abroad. Eventually, Coco would make her way to Germany to join her new family. You can hardly recognize this sweet dog as a tiny puppy using a shoe for protection.



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