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Rules and good manners exist for everyone except cats (+17 photos)

Here are a few cases where cats were guided by their own rules of behavior, and sometimes demanded the same from the rest!

Although people regularly try to convince cats that pets are not really the main thing in the house, cats are often convinced otherwise. And although the cats look very cute and accommodating, sometimes they are real rebels by nature, who do not want to do as it is customary and observe manners.


  1. The face of my dog, for which, in fact, they bought this bed


2.  I saw a torn bag of food, although they are on the very top. Everything became clear this morning



4. Trying to make your own paper



5. Nobody said that putting together a puzzle was easy.


6. Every time I cook something and turn away



7. Kami is ready to work even after hours


8. This is what a sofa that is 9 months old looks like if you have a villain cat


9. My cat acts so casual like she pays the bills

10. And so every morning until I feed her


11. The cat dropped the bottle from the shelf in the bathroom


12. He crushed all the flowers and stared at me with displeasure


13. Yes, this is a cafe. No I don’t know this cat

14. He is sure that he needs diapers more than a child


15. I caught cats when they tried to find some food in the kitchen at night

16. And my cat is sure that the ideal place to sleep is in the trash.