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Seven horses are found in the most deplorable conditions on a farm in Spain

Unfortunately, there are many people who do not understand the responsibility that comes with being in charge of an animal. In addition to affection and affection, these creatures also need protection, food and continuous grooming.

In Spain, there is an institution that investigates cases of animal abuse and abandonment, it is SEPRONA, Nature Protection Service. Last Monday, the officers of this service began investigations against a 24-year-old resident of Mutxamel, Valencia.



The young man is considered the alleged perpetrator of the state of semi-abandonment of 7 horses. The equine specimens lived in a space full of manure, piled-up garbage, sharp and pointed objects, which could hurt the horses or anyone who entered there, but the most serious and worrying thing was the evident degree of malnutrition suffered by the seven horses.




This case was made known thanks to an alert given by a resident of Xixona, a town located about 22 minutes from the place. A SEPRONA brigade went to the scene to confirm the complaint and found the seven malnourished horses.

The scene the officers witnessed was horrifying. The equines had no food in the feeders and no water in the drinker, one of the drinkers was even broken. The feed was scattered on the floor which was also covered in filth and extreme dirt.



The agents verified the data and none of the horses had a health card or any type of documentation . In the City Council, the animals were not registered and the farm did not have records of animal exploitation.




The lack of documentation has made the young owner open a file with more than thirty administrative records. While the state of abandonment that the man has caused to the seven horses, extreme thinness and lack of hygiene, could lead him to trial and pay a sentence of more than a year in prison for a crime related to the protection of fauna , flora and domestic animals.



SEPRONA officials reported their investigation on their Twitter account, inviting people to report cases of animal abuse and abandonment directly to their department. You can see the tweet here: