She stops feeding the dog she adopted ‘because she was too busy’

When people adopt a dog or pet it is to find some companionship, a four-legged friend who will love us no matter what and will always be there for us wagging his tail, constantly playing and trying to make us smile.

That’s why it’s heartbreaking to see a story where someone , after adopting a puppy from their local shelter , forgets the animal existed for whatever reason. This was the case of a woman who alleged that her carelessness was due to the fact that she was “too busy” to be in charge of feeding the canine.



Alexandria Drew has been arrested in Sarasota County on animal abuse and neglect charges after a woman brought her dog to the county’s animal aid college and sheriff’s office in a highly advanced state of malnutrition, claiming the dog animal was stray and that he had just found it.



I saw the dog that day when he arrived, he was skinny, you could see his ribs and he looked like he hadn’t eaten in months, he wasn’t in the least bit of shape,” Lt. Daniel Tutko said.

Investigators said 20-year-old Alexandria had acquired a Border Collie when she was just 10 months old . However, on September 13, 2016, she tried to hand over the dog, stating that she had never seen it before and that it was surely a stray.


Despite her deception, shelter workers checked the animal’s registration microchip and confirmed that Drew was the quadruped’s registered owner.

According to records, Drew had adopted Richter in March of last year, who by then weighed a healthy 25 pounds ; which, for a growing puppy, was the recommended weight. But it was expected that as he grew older he would gain weight, something that did not happen; Because six months later, when Drew tried to return the pup, it weighed just 20 pounds.



The dog was intentionally subjected to these circumstances,” explained Lt. Tutko.

Veterinarians confirmed that Richter was suffering from malnutrition due to neglect and lack of food. When she was confronted about it, Drew said that she was too busy to take care of the dog and that she couldn’t afford the $30 Humane Society dues.

She did not want to take responsibility for the conditions in which the dog was, “said Lieutenant Tutko.

For his part, in a telephone interview with news channel 8, Drew gave the following statements:

I feel terrible, I was scared, so I lied, I don’t deny anything that happened and I’m taking responsibility. I’m not a bad person, it sucks that most people can’t hear my side of the story, this makes me look like a monster.”

Although it was not at all good that she adopted a dog knowing that she did not have the time and resources to take good care of him, her actions have repercussions that will bring her before the law.



And that’s precisely how it happened, Drew was released from charges after posting her $1,000 bail the same day she was arrested.

This is an excellent reminder that animals are not toys, stuffed animals , or simple objects, they are living beings that need care and great responsibility.



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