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Should all children have a pet? If you’re still not sure, this is for you…

It is proven that children who live with a pet at home grow happier. Recent studies show that children who grow up with animals are more imaginative, happier and develop a series of skills that we will tell you about below. It also helps them improve their sense of responsibility and they are less likely to develop allergies and respiratory diseases. Here are 11 important  reasons for the little ones to grow up with a pet!

1. Children with pets sleep better at night and get sick less often



2. Having a pet at home makes children less likely to suffer from allergies throughout their lives. As exposure to germs increases, the immune system becomes stronger




3. In addition, children with pets grow happier and exercise more, thus releasing serotonin and endorphins (happiness hormones)



4. You will get the little ones to be more open and improve social relationships




5. You will develop a greater sense of responsibility. Having a pet entails a series of obligations and routines and makes children learn to organize themselves well from an early age



6. Help the child not feel alone at any time…




7. And always have someone to lean on



8. Having a pet by your side makes children have a greater ability to overcome




9. And they feel more protected



10. Children develop values ​​such as loyalty and fidelity




11. You will enjoy seeing how they enjoy themselves!