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Stray dog keeps bringing gifts to local woman every day, surprised by reason behind

Meet Tua Plu, a stray dog that understands how to be polite and always delivers a small present to the woman who feeds him. “When he’s hungry, he’ll offer anything to get fed,” Orawan Kaewla-iat, a Thai woman who feeds stray dogs, posted on Facebook. “Every day, he appears with an item in his mouth, generally a leaf and occasionally a piece of paper.” Tua Plu and his mother must be fed before you can feed the other dogs.”

The doggie understands that this type of conduct is more charming than simply going directly to the rice bowls supplied to the stray dogs. Orawan’s post with a little video of the polite doggie in action went viral and gained admirers all around the world, with people enquiring how they could adopt Tua Plu.

A woman in Thailand who feeds stray dogs continues to get gifts from one of them



Tua Plu, one of the slapdash puppies, was touched by Orawan’s compassionate heart and devised an excellent method to repay her gratitude. Every day, the clever slapdash canine presents a gift to her in his jaws. Nonetheless, others speculate that he presents the gift to Orawan as though he is negotiating a transaction with her. Tua Plu always arrives carrying a present in exchange for the coliseums of rice, rather than obtaining them for free.

Meet Tua Plu, a doggie who brings presents in exchange for food




Orawan’s message, which included a short video of Tua Plu in action, quickly went viral and warmed the hearts of sweeties all over the world. Many people inquired as to how they may borrow the charming and intelligent canine Tua Plu.

Tua Plu is now well-known on the Internet, and several people have expressed interest in adopting him.



Fortunately, many people have offered to lend Tua Plu and his mother a hand. They eventually plant a loving ever home and a nice proprietor who will be a very happy proprietor and can expect to be flooded with daily presents. What a nice boy!