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Stunning Beautiful Photos For The Oldest Lion In Kenya ( 7 Pics )

This story speaks about a fourteen-year-old lion called Morani, who is now the oldest known lion alive in a national reserve in Kenya called Maasai Mara.

Morani became the oldest one after the death of Scarface, his brother earlier in this year. The footage of Morani was taken by Leighton Lum, a Hawaiian professional wildlife photographer, during a photography workshop.

Lum was so excited to capture the lion despite seeing many other amazing animals like zebras and cheetahs. Lum said that Morani is the only remaining lion out of a family of 4 males.


He is so strong, and you can see that he is so proud. Generally, adult male lions sleep around 20 hours a day, which means that they are so lazy. How awesome!


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