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Teen Boy Who Lost His Cat Cries Pure Tears Of Joy After Being Surprised With A New Kitten

Morgan is a teen boy from Ohio, who is autistic. He had a black tabby cat named Tabby who had lived with him and his family for 16 years. So it’s no wonder the boy loves the cat and considers her his world. Morgan absolutely adored and loved the cat with all of his heart. Sadly, Tabby passed away last year due to old age. Morgan’s heart was broken when he realized that he lost Tabby forever.

The family thought that he needed a new friend who would comfort him and help him feel happier. However, they knew that he still missed his old cat so much, so they thought carefully before getting him a new cat. Amazingly, he asked for another cat since he was finally ready to love another.


They decided to surprise him with a cat on his 18th birthday party and his graduation party. The morning of the party, his two sisters went to one of the rescues and took a cat home. When seeing the cat, he cried with happiness. He had no idea he was getting a cat.


Here is his reaction to his new rescue cat:


Watch the video here to see the full story:


“When Vitani came, it was a miracle to me. We have been getting along really well. She loves to play. My autism, I don’t really mind it much. I mean, I just think differently compared to everybody else,” Morgan shared.

Special thanks to Cynthia and Kimberlie for sharing the story. If you love Morgan & Vitani, you keep up with them on Facebook.

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