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The Beautiful Chrysalises Of The Orange-Spotted Tiger Butterfly Look Like They’re Made Of Gold


These are the chrysalis of the Mechanitis polymnia species (known as the orange-spotted tiger clearwing or disturbed tigerwing), which inhabits from North America to the Amazon rainforest. Some people think they’re actually made of metal, but it’s just a wonder of Mother Nature.

Our world has unimaginable treasures, priceless and beyond any fortune. The Mechanitis polymnia is a type of butterfly with tabby wings, belonging to the family of the Nymphalidae, possessing four legs and striking wings. They live from Mexico to the Amazon rainforest and come in all shapes and colors.

Their beautiful cocoons or chrysalises will leave anyone speechless. They seem to be made of gold, because of their brightness and texture. Many believe they are actually made of metal, however, it is a natural wonder and made by the larva. They are of admirable perfection.

Once they are adults, they can measure between 6 and 8 centimetres, besides being suitable for many climates, up to 1,500 meters of altitude.


They are not the most striking or extravagant butterflies, but their cocoon looks like piece of jewelry. The main reason, or the theory behind this color, is that predators are frightened when they approach and they see themselves in the reflection. A pretty effective mechanism.

“Actually, they are very difficult to see in nature, given the way all colors are reflected,” explains Dr. Keith Willmott.

They really look like anything else but a cocoon. A drop of water, a ray of sunshine, but few would imagine that a beautiful butterfly is forming in there.

It is important to note that these cocoons do not contain any metal parts at all, as many people have believed. Even circulating in the networks false information, which speaks of the use of these cocoons as a bargaining chip. All that is nothing but disinformation.

To be strict, they are made of chitin, the natural substance possessed by some insects and crustaceans.

After a few days, these chrysalises lose their shine to give way to a beautiful butterfly with tabby wings.