The emotional moment in which a chimpanzee recognizes his friend on his deathbed

Human beings often underestimate the intelligence and feelings of animals. They know very well what loyalty and love mean because their instinct does not allow them to harm the one who has loved, cared for and protected them.

The story of this 59-year-old female chimpanzee proves it, when on her deathbed and seriously ill she recognized her old friend and researcher.



Under the most tender and peaceful gaze, she did her best to hug him as an expression of love, gratitude and happiness.



These images are really moving. It is impossible to watch this video and not feel the vibration it produces in the soul.

Mama is the oldest chimpanzee in Europe. She was the matriarch of the renowned chimpanzee colony at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo  in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

In the filming it is also observed how Mama is in a delicate state of health . She is resting on a bed of straw with extreme weakness that prevents her mobility to feed.



Jan Van Hoof, a Dutch biologist and professor of behavioral biology at Utrecht University, had known Mama since 1972 when he founded the chimpanzee colony at Royal Burgers’ Zoo. When Jan found out that her days were numbered, he decided to visit her.

Jan, known for researching primates, was shocked to see his old friend curled up in bed.

He stroked her gently and tried to feed her. She without realizing who it was she simply took the food, but when she looked up she immediately recognized that it was her dear old friend.



To the surprise of everyone present, Mama opened her mouth and made a high-pitched sound that expressed pleasure and happiness at seeing him.

Mama gently brushed Jan’s hair back, looking into the eyes of her human companion. What a way to express love with an endearing look!



She did her best to wrap her friend’s neck in a warm and heartfelt hug.

Those moments were probably the last in which Jan made contact with her special old friend. Mama passed away on April 5, 2016, shortly after that wonderful meeting.



The researcher commented that there are many of the people to whom he has given training courses and conferences who met Mama. She always ran towards him to greet him , showing a special enthusiasm from her particular chimpanzee language with a loud gasp “oohooh!”.

Jan added that last year those races for his meet were getting harder and harder, he was stumbling trying to move faster.



I will definitely miss her.”

The video was shared by Jan as a sign of true friendship. It is a moving encounter that expresses a noble and sublime feeling.



What is done with love and passion is recognized in any language or language. Feelings do not only exist between human beings, it is fantastic to share them with animals because they live free of interest and evil.

A look can express more than a thousand words, a hug warms the soul when it is sincere… This is what Mama did with her human companion. She Shares this story of love and gratitude!


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