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The image of a monkey with her collapsed calf causes a stir due to its resemblance to “La Piedad”

Day by day, images are published and shared on social networks that cause a stir, either because of the tenderness they inspire, because they stir the deepest feelings in the heart of the human being, or because they manifest facts and events with which we feel identified. completely.

It is common to find photographs of defenseless animals on the net, but what undoubtedly completely captivates the millions of Internet users are those spontaneous scenes, without filters, without montages… Those that awaken in us the noblest feelings and stir up memories.

This is what has happened with the scene that the photographer  Avinash Lodhi , 31, managed to capture in Jabalphur, India. An image that would reveal the heartbreaking pain of a mother holding her baby in her arms, for having collapsed.



Although the photographer later clarified that it was a passing pain, not justified. The little boy’s alarming gesture came after he stumbled, and like children, he clung to his mother’s arms, where he can only be comforted. But right away, once he was comforted, once he was sure the danger was gone, he stood up.

“This image is very close to my heart because throughout my entire photography career I have never seen anything like this,” said Lodhi.

“It was so fast that I didn’t even know what was happening when I took the photo, but as soon as I checked the image, I was silent for an hour…”




“This moment is very rare to capture, especially with animals.”

In a short time, the image went viral, causing thousands of reactions on social networks.


In addition to the deep feelings that it inspires, there were many who insisted on the particular resemblance to the well-known image of the sculpture of ” La Pietá ” (The Pietà), by Michelangelo, which is in the Basilica of San Pedro, in The Vatican.



“It’s my most viral image,” says the author of the photograph.

Even the circumstances in which the image was captured are reminiscent of scenes from the movie The Passion, directed by Mel Gibson, who chose the image of an alleged fall of the child Jesus.


Scientists have repeatedly shown that monkeys are very similar to humans, and the expressiveness of this image is a true example of this: the mother-child bond in this species can be incredibly strong.




On other occasions it has happened that when the primate of the clan dies, the others cry, become sad and even perform a ritual.

A shocking fact that demonstrates what many activists have defended, that animals do have feelings.

Let’s hope that Avinash Lodi can continue to captivate us with more delightful moments of our friends, the animals.

Do you consider that the resemblance to the image of La Piedad is such that it deserves all the reactions it has generated on the networks? Let us know your opinion and share it with your friends.