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They cut off his little leg and throw him into the river like garbage… He kept screaming in pain

Every day there are positive stories that make us happy, and negative stories that break our hearts. On this occasion, we return to a constant theme, cruelty and abuse towards animals. And that is the daily bread for the organization, Hope for Paws , which works in the city of Los Angeles, United States.



For them, a routine day consists of checking the streets in search of lost or abandoned pets, taking them to shelters, providing them with all the care and affection possible.

But this time, they received an emergency call, it was a person who claimed to have seen how a man from the street took a small stray puppy and cut off one of its legs. Later, he threw the puppy into a channel more than 10 meters deep. Of course, the rescue team responded to the complaint as soon as possible.




The team arrived, the horror became real. In the middle of the channel, on a junk food wrapper, was the defenseless puppy without a leg. The rescue team approached little by little while the puppy trembled with fear and with the little strength he had he tried to growl at them. Eventually, one of the rescuers managed to take him in his arms and carry him to a basket with which they were able to lift the animal that was screaming in pain.



Once rescued, he was taken to emergency care. The woman who reported the case said that the poor little animal had been in the canal for a long time, and a neighbor in the area confirmed that he had been stranded there for two days. Veterinary doctors immediately identified an infection, had to treat it and start an IV to administer fluids. Jordan, as he was baptized by one of the rescuers, had to gain strength to undergo surgery and amputate what remained of his leg.




The puppy managed to survive the horror he experienced. He was operated on and taken to a foster home, where he received therapy and all the necessary care. It is a totally different animal from the one they found, now it is confident, healthy and happy. He loves sleeping with his adoptive sisters and occasionally swimming in the pool, all thanks to the great work of those men and women who would give their lives for animals.



Another story to highlight the inhuman and ruthless character of some, and the great heart and compassion that others have.

Here you can see Jordan’s rescue and his wonderful recovery:



I hope the day will come when we never have to hear how a small defenseless creature has been harmed by man. Share Jordan’s shocking rescue on your social networks!