They did not intend to stay with her until they saw her deplorable condition and how much she had suffered.

Day by day you can see animals such as dogs and cats wandering the streets, which were abandoned or were born without a home. Fortunately, there are people whose hearts and love for animals go beyond any wall and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Today we have the story of Daisy, a dog that was rescued by a married couple , who after seeing her hanging around a gas station, was taken to clean her up and be taken to her new home.



Donna and Trace Killough couldn’t bear to see the terrible conditions the poor little dog was in. That is why they took her, put her in a cage and took her to a dog groomer, to later receive veterinary care. The end result was a beautiful and playful little dog that completely stole the hearts of the couple.



Daisy was on a fairly busy street, near a gas station, where eventually Donna was able to catch her to take her to groom. Completely dirty, full of knots and ticks, the dog looked like another animal. The one of her before her and after her is zorprendente.


“I just couldn’t believe the condition she was in and that someone could leave her like this, to her own devices, wandering the streets,” said the wife, now Daisy’s owner.



For his part, Trace explains that the idea was not to keep Daisy. “We have a house full of cats, I thought it was impossible to keep it,” he added. But the affection and love that the little dog has given them was what made the couple decide to adopt her and continue taking care of her.



Now Daisy has become the princess of the house, although she still can’t help but hide her food, she has come a long way and her new family loves her exactly as she is. She has made many friends, she is very playful, she occasionally sleeps next to Trace and loves to follow Donna around the house.



It might not be much, but for Daisy everything this couple did was enough to turn her life and her destiny completely upside down. Proof of this are the photographs in which the dog is shown with a radiant smile.



I hope this can give us some thought, a small part of what this couple did for Daisy, is enough to help the next stray animal we see. Share Daisy’s incredible transformation with your friends!


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