They find this dog chained to a tree to die, but it teaches them a great lesson in love

There is nothing more heartbreaking than observing how a living being suffers, especially if it is a defenseless being, which must be under the care of those people who at some point decided to take care of it. Day by day the abandonment of domestic animals is more common.

The proliferation of stray animals is due to the abandonment of pets by their owners. Libby is a particularly cruel case, since in addition to being left to her own devices in a hostile environment, the dog was tied up without food or water. Poor Libby was chained to a tree to die.



An organization for the rescue and protection of animals, St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue, in Louisiana, United States, reported the shocking and sad story of the dog that was found chained to a tree.

The dog, later named Libby, was found dirty, completely wet, covered in garbage, mosquitoes and ants. She was tied with a kind of chain and rope, which the rescuers had to cut. One of them commented on how incredibly tight the leash was around her neck.



As they tried to free Libby, they realized that she was hidden in a space in the trunk where she was chained. Rescuers discovered an incredible surprise in that corner. The dog was protecting 8 puppies that she would have given birth to in those terrible conditions.

“She couldn’t move,” one of the rescuers commented, “she had nowhere to put her pups, so she did the best she could,” he added.



When Libby was released from her torture, she did not stop following her puppies , unfortunately one of them drowned, but the rescuers managed to save the lives of the other 7. All the puppies were taken to veterinary care to be later protected and transported to a shelter run by the same organization.

Due to the state of malnutrition in which the mother of the puppies was, the veterinarian placed an intravenous line and recommended the use of formula in order to feed her puppies. The organization asked for help on social networks and many were the good-hearted and supportive people who supported the cause.



While Libby rests with her seven puppies in the shelter, the authorities are still pursuing the culprit of these events, the ruthless person who had the courage to abandon her pet in such a way.

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