They Found A Dog Alone In Kitchen, ‘Relieved’ After 4 Trash Bags Of Fur Were Shaved Off

Many of us worry who will care for our pets if something happens to us. This story is a lesson to us all: be prepared. We never know what tomorrow holds, writes ilovemydogsomuch

An elderly man living in Russia passed away. He wasn’t prepared and his dog was given to a new family. This new family severely neglected his beloved pup, named Cocos, for an entire year. Cocos is a Bobtail or better known as an Old English Sheepdog. Their gorgeous coats require a lot of upkeep. Their long fur can easily get tangled and overgrow into their eyes.

Cocos’ new family didn’t care to have him groomed and his fur grew out of control into a matted mess that actually inhibited his movement and breathing. This wasn’t a cosmetic matter– it was life and death.

Cocos didn’t just miss out on regular grooming, he was ignored completely! All dogs need exercise and love, a proper diet and regular grooming– this poor boy was left in a kitchen, all alone, like he didn’t even exist.

As you can see, rescuers had a lot of work to do to get Cocos comfortable. The poor thing didn’t even look like a dog!

Rescuers took Cocos back to the medical center. They worked for over three hours to get the matted fur off of him. Underneath the fur, they found sores and infections from the fur irritating his skin.

Is that an eye? OH WOW, he is under there!

Three hours later, a beautiful dog emerges. Cocos can breathe and move. Now all he needs is the perfect forever family who will never let him down.

Then came Elena– the perfect mom for Cocos. She knew all about Sheepdogs and was happy to give him the life he deserves.

She knows how to groom him and keep him active and healthy. Just look at him now! That’s one happy pup!

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