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They laugh while filming their baby struggling to eat a live toad

Social networks are the ideal place to share content that instantly goes viral. However, not infrequently those who record these scenes do it basically to get a minute of fame, but they do not always achieve the effect they wanted.

As happens with some unconscious parents who use their children as bait to capture unusual moments, but not before being publicly accused and condemned for their unfortunate actions.



Like a video that has recently gone viral. It is not known for sure where it was recorded, or on what exact date, but it is about an 8-month-old baby, of Asian origin, who is struggling to eat a live toad.

Yes, as you hear it: a defenseless live toad, which tries to escape from the hands of the little one, but the little guy will try again and again until he achieves his goal.

The video of the little boy putting the living amphibian in his mouth with 2 hands has sparked a heated debate on the networks




You can see how the baby grabs the animal from a bucket of water, taking it by the head first, and then the limbs.



Again and again the baby sucks it as if it were a delicious ice cream




Many Internet users think that it is a rubber doll, but when they see that in reality the animal is not having a good time and begins to move its legs with energy, they cannot get out of their amazement… It is the most shocking thing about it! watch!




The little one is dedicated to repeatedly sucking the legs and the head of the toad while his parents, who record the scene, do nothing but laugh



In some moments, the gelatinous consistency of its skin makes it slip from the little one’s hands. Then his parents put him back in the bucket with water. But the baby will take it again until it is placed in his mouth.




At another moment he chooses to bite one of his legs and with all the force that a baby can have in his teeth, he tries to almost rip it off.


«Boy sucks toad in front of his parents. Outrageous » , can be read next to the video that accumulates a wave of comments on the networks.

Some Internet users criticize parents for recording and not intervening, knowing that these animals can be poisonous and carriers of multiple bacteria. While others allege that it is clearly torture for the animal.




“Why is this happening in the head? Just allowing it to touch that animal, plus its digestive system is not ready for that type of food . Where are the authorities to take away the power of this baby? ”, Condemned one person.



“It seems that they only care about recording and not the danger they expose their own child to ,” another person said. And there was no lack of those who sentenced: «And then they complain about why the coronavirus!» .

And what do you think of these disturbing scenes that have given so much to talk about on the networks? Share it!