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They rescue a dog and try to wash her eyebrows but realize they are natural

The canine became a celebrity.

Frida is the name of this unique dog, who has within her appearance, the most perfect eyebrows that can exist . Only in a beauty salon could the lines that make their way through the middle of the canine’s forehead be emulated.

The story of this dog begins when she was rescued from the streets to take her to a shelter that would give her the opportunity to be adopted . As usual, within the aforementioned center she attends to newcomers in many ways.

After the preliminary check-up, the canine began to be cleaned, especially in the area above her eyes. The volunteers thought that the perfect lines that were visualized were the result of a negative mind that wanted to make Frida look different.



The dog, who was wandering the streets of Bratsk, has a distinctive mark that is eyebrows as a genetic mark from her parents. They weren’t crayon marks!




“His eyebrows are the birthmarks of his mom or dad. The skin where the eyebrows are is darker than anywhere else. Then nature decided it» mentioned Oksana who is Frida’s adoptive mother.



Frida’s name was placed in the center in honor of renowned artist Frida Kalho, who was known for her particular way of putting on makeup. But what complements this beautiful canine is the way she is.




“I saw her in the photo on the shelter website and fell in love. Many people called to pick her up, but when they saw her, they refused,” Oksana told a local media outlet. Dog adoption is often difficult.



The woman mentioned that when she saw her she had such great emotions that she could not believe that the moment of her adoption was real. She at the same time she decided to name it Frida. Although the canine was a little scared at first, she gradually gained confidence.




Oksana took her to the vet, where she received all the necessary treatments to improve her health It is really nice to know that there are human beings capable of treating an animal as if it were one of the family.



“She is a godsend, smart, caring and loves children. I look at her and always smile. I am lucky to have the best dog in the world” Oksana sums up her new experience in dog adoption.