This tiny kitten is so happy to receive the attention he needs to thrive.

Pinocchio (in Spanish Pinocho) is a 3-month-old kitten who was rescued in mid-June in the city of Los Angeles, California (United States). When he was found, he looked like a 5-6 week-old kitten, and when the rescuers received him, the feline was happy to receive the attention he needed to improve.

The little Pinocchio had a mild upper respiratory infection, an umbilical hernia, and his nose and mouth had a different appearance, giving him a distinctive look.

The Friends for Life Rescue Network shelter took care of the little cat. There they discovered that his appearance is due to a congenital defect that gives his jaw its misaligned appearance.

Tiny kitten is so happy to receive attention.

The feline arrived extremely thin and covered in fleas, was dehydrated and malnourished.

Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, told Love Meow:

“He was extremely hungry and consumed two cans of food that were a ton for his little body.”

As his stomach was finally full, he took a long nap on a warm bed to regain energy. Slowly but surely, with nutritious food and care, the loving little cat started walking around and seeking attention and playtime.

Whenever he sees his rescuers, little Pinocchio gets excited and tries to grab their attention with meows and purrs.

“Jacqueline added: ‘He gets really excited when I walk into the room and loves to play. He’s mischievous, curious, playful, and very sweet. He loves to run and chase balls.'”

That’s great to hear! Pinocchio seems to be a very resilient and happy kitten. It’s good to know that he’s getting the care he needs and that he’s enjoying his visits to the vet. Hopefully, with the help of the dental and neurological specialists, he will continue to improve and live a long, healthy, and happy life.

That’s great to hear! The shelter director mentions that the cat happily flits around the place and loves new toys.

Jacqueline says: “This little trickster is as playful as can be. He’s gaining weight and eating all his food like a champ. Things are looking up for Pinocchio.”

Pinocchio, the tiny cat, loves being the center of attention at the shelter and extends his paws when people pass by him. He doesn’t feel different at all and enjoys every day.

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