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Tighten Your Belly In 1 Month With The Plank Challenge

Every person desires a tight and nice belly, and mostly to have a 6 pack that could be showed at the beach.

Well we might have a solution for this situation!

Haven’t you heard how effective could the plank be? This is a simple exercise, that provides amazing effects in a short period of time, and many people when they first see it, think it is too easy, but believe us it is everything but easy!

This exercise is static, but several muscles are involved in this exercise from the abdominal area, mostly from the upper torso.

While you are in the position that the exercise requires, your corset muscles are extracted almost to their maximum which will make you sweat more, than doing 100 crunches!

If you are looking for a quick result exercise, try this exercise with its 21-day plan, you will not regret it!

Week 1

Begin by holding the plank position at least for half a minute, then start increasing the time of holding the position each day, and try to reach up to 1 minute.

Week 2