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Touching Story: Dog Pushes Wheelchair for Disabled Owner Earning Living by Repairing Shoes on the Street

A dog pushing a wheelchair for a disabled owner to repair shoes for a living is a case in China. Information said, a 59-year-old shoe repair man has been paralyzed and atrophied since childhood. Every day, he had to use a wheelchair to go all the way from home to the shoe repair place to earn a living. Fortunately, the dog he raised every day pushed the wheelchair to help the disabled owner to the shoe repair place.



The road was not long, but he could not get there without the help of his loyal dog. His dog is only two years old and has no name. Whenever he saw his owner calling “hey”, he immediately ran to him.




Every day, the dog pushes the wheelchair for the disabled owner and follows him to the workplace. Neighbors sympathized with his poverty and often brought him some food.



At work, while the boss is busy, the dog takes advantage of a nap. In his free time, the dog is played with by the owner. His lunch was one day a cookie bought from the store next door. Because the food is so little, just enough for the master to feed, there is nothing left for the dog and the loyal animal often has to find food on its own.




Occasionally, a loving neighbor brings his loyal dog food. They love this animal because it is very intelligent and does not bother anyone.

Someone once paid a lot of money to buy the dog back, but he decided not to sell it.