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“We are all right”: 20 jokes of a dad who sits at home with a child (20 photos)

Less than two years have passed since Kenny Deuss from Antwerp (Belgium) became a dad, but the man has already mastered the subtle art of his father’s joke. He and the child’s mother take turns taking care of him, and when it’s Kenny’s turn, he is always ready to provide photographic evidence that the girl is okay. It’s good that his girlfriend has a sense of humor.

“My girlfriend didn’t immediately realize that it was Photoshop when I sent her such a photo for the first time, but soon she and her work colleagues were already looking forward to new pictures,” says Kenny. “She is always happy with the result.” It’s funny, but what’s really cool is that dad and daughter spend a lot of time together, and you can see that Kenny loves his child very much. “Alix is ​​a calm, happy child. She often smiles and tries to make us laugh,” he says.

1. “How to take over the world” – “10 signs that your child wants to take over the world”

2. IKEA – you feel at home


3. I love balloons!

4. I was shocked when my dad asked me to fix the socket

5. The view from here is amazing!

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6. Uncle Donald dropped by today


7. I made new friends!

8. My first skateboarding lesson went very well.


9. My dad doesn’t know how to wash at all

10. Dad just couldn’t take it anymore.


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11. I help my dad to do some housework here


12. Learning to keep balance


13. It’s time to buy gifts for Christmas!

14. This is the wrong door.

15. My first quadric ride in the desert

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16. I hate rainy days. Dad got ready, but I didn’t

17. I love it when my dad reads aloud to me!

18. Mom, don’t worry, they’ll give me a ride.

19. The sooner you learn to drive, the better.

20. Today dad and I went skateboarding