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When a stray cat wandered into the zoo looking for food, it became friends with a lynx – Step Creeper

Could it be feasible for wild animals and pets to build a friendship? Do you believe it? The answer is yes. The same species of animals can easily find a common way to communicate with each other. This wonderful story will prove it to you.

A homeless cat living in St. Petersburg roamed around the streets looking for something to it. However, On one day, she was extremely fortunate. As it turned out, she had not only found food, she was lucky enough to find a best friend for her life.


Despite only finding a few fish shells in this garbage, this kitty was able to find something more useful than this. Fortunately, the cat could eat out some large pieces of a beef carcass. This deliciousness was discovered in the lynx’s cage at the zoo.

Because the meat’s owner would eat them all if she saw how an unwelcome guest was devouring her meals, a miracle occurred: this huge cat didn’t get close to the little cat. Or she learned that this poor stray cat is dying of starvation since no one offers her food.

The feline has become a regular visitor to see her best buddy. Even they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Also, inside the aviary, it is warmer than outside; therefore, this poor cat didn’t forget to enjoy it by leaning to the Lynx body.


Staff at the zoo also observed this stray cat. So that she wouldn’t go hungry, they doubled her daily amount of food so that she wouldn’t miss out on the meat.