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Without this supportive older brother, it would have been impossible for Inky to overcome his delicate condition.

Cooperation in the animal world is much more recurrent than expected. Generally, they are given by symbiotic relationships where both beings mutually benefit.



However, not all relationships necessarily involve a latent interest. And no matter how handicapped one may be, there are always noble spirits who dedicate even a little of their lives to dealing with cases like Inky’s.




For Hannah Erbe , an art student from North Carolina, her willingness to help small animals in need has been her norm in life.



One day he found a stray kitten , wondering why it didn’t run away when he got close. The sad reason for that was because he was suffering from a pretty serious condition in his eyes , so without hesitation he decided to take him in.




Inky, as his new mother called him, was immediately taken to the vet, who diagnosed him with Agenesis of the eyelid: a genetic disease that prevents the complete formation of the upper eyelids and digenesis of the lower eyelids.



In addition, he also had an inflammation in the corneal tissue called Keratitis , a product of the malformation of his eyelids that practically grew into the eye, with hairs that irritated its surface.




Although it was a complex situation, Hannah decided to work hard to solve Inky’s problems. She also got unexpected help from her pet De Ella Jared, a rescued and rather noble little dog, who befriended Inky right away.



Jared’s presence served to introduce Inky in a more friendly and warm way to human interaction. Each day he grew more confident in himself, increasing Hannah’s hope.




For his part, Jared showed no hesitation in interacting with Inky, sleeping by his side and even playing with him.



Despite the difficulties, her mother managed to afford a surgery called “cryotherapy”, which would change Inky’s life, since it consisted of the reconstruction of her eyelids. Jared was very friendly and attentive once Inky was back home to start her recovery.




Hannah notes that, despite not having perfect vision, Inky has adapted quite well to her new lifestyle, barely noticing any significant difference from other cats.



Now that Inky has a comfortable home, he shows his appreciation by being kind. Hannah and Jared enjoy the company of a loyal friend who has become a part of their lives.




Always keep in mind that a little bit of our help can completely change the life of another being. It is important to be empathetic and put yourself in the place of others and their suffering.

Share Inky’s story and invite your friends to help others whenever they can.