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Woman comes home finds giant mountain lion napping behind her sofa


Lauren Taylor is a woman who lives in a lovely house in Oregon with a roommate. Like most people, she likes to have people around.

But when an unexpected guest showed up at her house, she was so surprised!


She had returned home thinking it was just another normal day, but a closer look revealed a delightful surprise – a mountain lion was sleeping behind her sofa!
Lauren speculated that perhaps the big cat had entered her home through an open back door. She thinks the mountain lion may have been drinking from a pond in her backyard before entering.




The house is set up in an extraordinary way – it looks like nature.
Her stairs are built around actual tree branches and are also decorated with large potted plants. The big cat probably didn’t even know she’s in the house!

Upon entering the house, the mountain lion was startled by Lauren’s roommate. She screamed when her eyes met the mountain lion, who responded by hiding behind the sofa.

The animal then decided to stay on the spot and take a nap for a few hours.



Lauren recounted the story on her personal Facebook page. At least she wasn’t scared. As a woman of animal knowledge, Lauren wanted to remember this encounter as something sacred and blessed. The story has garnered more than 17,000 views and even caught the attention of Fox News.

She urged others not to contact mountain lions and advised that cats are “extremely intuitive and sensitive.”
“In fact, before I consciously raised the energy field and pulled her into theta state, a housemate screamed and slammed the door when he saw her, and the lion was panicked, agitated, and determined to get out with a closed window. Once the energy shifted, she calms down,” Lauren wrote on Facebook.

Lauren took this opportunity to socialize with the big cat. She went outside and looked at the animal through the living room window.


According to Fox News, Taylor made noises to wake the cat and then used the blinking eye cat’s voice to communicate.
She kept the mountain lion calm, even after her housemates went outside to see what Lauren was up to. In the end, the cat just decided to keep sleeping! She was very comfortable and calm in Lauren’s house.




Lauren knew she had to act fast to get the mountain lion out and back into nature, where it belonged. She tried to communicate with the animal but to no avail. After some thought, it was decided that the best way to gently awaken the lion was to use a drum.

This would hopefully allow her to leave without panic. Lauren calmly began to beat the drums. The experience is almost magical – the animal gently woke up and walked out the door, across the creek, and through the nearby open field.

The experience was what Lauren called “lucky.” It was good that no one, including the mountain lions, was injured in the ordeal.


Lauren feels confident that her guest will not return. She also urged those reading her viral post to leave wild animals alone:

“Please never give food to bears or mountain lions. This may seem obvious to cougars because they eat freshly killed prey, but so do bears. We don’t want wild mountain lions or bears to associate humans with food because they may begin to actively pursue human interaction or a food source. ”

Well-spoken! If you want to see some of the incredible footage Lauren encounters the mountain lion, check it out below.