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Woman feeds some crows and they bring her coins as thanks

The enigmatic birds bring you money that they find.

Ravens are intelligent by nature. For this reason, his figure has been used in literary works to represent interactions of the human being with some aspect of his own personality. Although the negative connotation is maintained over time, some prefer them as pets.

This is the case of a woman who, although she has not been able to tame these beautiful birds, has managed to interact with them during a time when the intelligent creatures have become accustomed to her attentions. So much so that they ‘pay’ with found coins for the food that the woman leaves for them.



The woman lives in Virginia, United States and has published some videos where she teaches what gifts are about. Coins, pieces of paper, candy, chewing gum, screws, and anything the birds deem valuable.





Two years ago he moved to that house where he began to leave treats for the crows that passed by his home. When the mandatory restrictions began, he spent much more time observing them and learning to identify the birds that occasionally appeared in his neighborhood.




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